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Officium BMS is fast becoming a leading high-end, residential and commercial BMS service and maintenance support service in London and the South East Region.

Specialising in Building Management Systems, Officium holds a niche place within the current BMS market place. We have the ability to undertake the service and maintenance of all tasks and packages from design and manufacture through to installation, commissioning, refurbishment and service.  Our bespoke packages can be designed to create new systems that are tailored to specific building designs, alternatively our Team can develop tailored packages that will work to maintain your existing systems, our flexible approach work’s to ensure that the selected service blends seamlessly with your needs.


Officium Building Management System Ltd has been created to provide maintenance, repairs and refurbishment packages to cover all of the leading BMS manufacturers as well as our own systems.  This includes Trend, Centraline, Distech, North and Priva.  We can also adapt to maintain any supplied customised solutions.
As well as other conventional building management systems


Officium provides four core services levels to our clients with the aim of supplying our clients with a more flexible approach that is dependent and caters for their individual needs

PPM Approach

Our approach works to provide Planned Preventative Maintenance across all BMS equipment installed to site.

  • Every input and output point on the BMS controller will be checked to ensure that it is functioning correctly and accurately.
  • Functional checks of all safety circuits, hardwired interlocks and software interlocks are carried out.
  • Functional checks of all plant items to test for correct operation are undertaken.

Reactive Approach

Our reactive approach provides our clients the ability to steer our engineers to areas of the system that are causing concern or are deemed a priority. Our engineers will investigate any issues relating to the BMS at the request of the Site Manager/Client and will work collaboratively with this person to improve the system. Should there be no issue to attend to at the time of the visit, our engineer will utilise the alarm logs and historical site data to identify any flagged issues within the system and will investigate these to completion.

Combined Approach

This approach provides our clients the flexibility to benefit from a combinational service provision of the detailed PPM and Reactive approaches. Our engineers will communicate with the Site Manager/Client and will investigate any highlighted concerns. If no concerns are raised our engineer will carry out a PPM approach but will priorities his time to check the critical system points first.

Analytical Approach

We utilise BMS Analytic Software to analyse the vast amount of data that is collected by our BMS systems.  We are then able to prioritise our maintenance resources to focus on root-cause, key equipment and systems to increase plant reliability.  This in turn will enable us to enhance efficiencies, and to maximise energy savings, whilst on going occupancy comfort control is improved.

Site Visits

Regardless of your choice of service level, Officium commits to offering the following level of service per visit to site:

  • We will ensure that the external of the control panel is clean and tidy.
  • We will check that the control panel wiring diagram is present and accurate.
  • We will check that the relevant documents from the O&M Manual is present and accurate.
  • We will create a backup of the BMS software.
  • We will provide a detailed overview of the overall condition of the plant/boiler room.
  • We will check the status of remote communications.
  • We will make useable suggestions relating to potential system improvements.
  • We will provide a comprehensive flagging list of faults which require attention.

Major Breakdowns &

Emergency Call Outs

At Officium we understand that even with the highest level of maintenance, systems can still at times go wrong, creating the need for an efficient response by one of our dedicated Support Team.  It is our continued commitment to our customers to provide the quickest and most cost-effective solution to your problems as they occur.  In the event of a Major Breakdown Emergency Call Out requiring the attendance of an Engineer to site, our response times will be tailored and defined to be compliant with the bespoke Service Level Agreement (SLA’s) as agreed at the commencement of the contract.

Remote Access and Monitoring

The ability to be able to access your building or home any time of the day or night is of paramount importance within the current climate. Our service offering utilises a variety of reliable facets to achieve real time remote alarm monitoring, customer support and system repair.  Our approach works to effectively minimise system down time and energy waste. We can also provide a bureau of services via bespoke technical 4G landline connection solutions, allowing us to monitor BMS systems on behalf of our clients, creating an added level of system security and continuity.

BMS Analytics

As a feature of our fully comprehensive service we can provide, set up and monitor BMS analytic software in order to analyse the existing data that is being collected by your BMS systems. This data will then be utilised to identify any system improvements that could be made in relation to energy efficiency, plant failures, comfort control and to aid the prolonging of plant life.

Health & Safety

At Officium we understand the need for a comprehensive and compliant approach to health & safety, we have partnered with Aspen Thorn Safety Management to ensure that we are operating as responsibly as possible and to ensure the continued protection of both our Customer’s and Engineering Team’s.

Aspen Thorn work collaboratively with our Management Team to ensure that our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality procedure’s and polices are maintained to the highest possible standard. Our approach to Health and Safety is communicated across the entire team, we ensure that refresher tool box talks are held on a regular basis and achieve absolute compliance to the stipulated standards across our work force and extended supply chain. In support of our approach Risk Assessments, Method Statements  and ‘On Site Surveys’ comprise of some of the procedures that we adhere too on a daily basis.

Meet The Team

Our highly experienced Team comprises of a number of subject matter experts, who bring with them extensive industry experience and knowledge.  This, along with our regular training programmes works to ensure that our customers receive the optimum level of service, access to information and well supports our innovative approach to the maintenance of your system.
Stuart Lambert

Stuart Lambert

Service Manager

Stuart operates successfully as the BMS Service Manager for Officium.  With over 18 years of industry experience working within BMS system design and manufacture, Stuart produces and ensures the efficient supply of fully programmable BMS systems.  Stuart holds an in depth understanding of the systems that we work with, and has a great deal of experience in servicing, integration, commissioning and repair.  Stuart provides exemplary customer support and leads our teams on-site to ensure the continued successful maintenance of all systems overseen by Officium
Nick Vesta

Nick Vesta


Nick, an experienced BMS Engineer, Nick has spent the past 5 years accruing and developing upon his knowledge of BMS systems.  Nick efficiently supervises our onsite approach and ensures that all servicing is undertaken in a compliant and efficient manner.  Nick supervises our team to ensure a continuity of service and our absolute efficiency on-site.


Michael Chivers

Michael Chivers


Steven Crocombe

Steven Crocombe


Will Burns

Will Burns


Officium BMS

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